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PRELOSA is one of the most recognized companies in the prefabricated sector in Mexico. With more than 30 years of experience supplying the market with products of excellent quality.

Thanks to the constant growth of the industry, and looking to increase the production of their company to position themselves among the most important in Mexico in the sale of precast concrete, they decided in 2015 to invest in the acquisition of modern equipment to reach their goals.

For this, MPC Equipos y Maquinarias through the brand IMER GROUP, we were chosen to provide the solution to their needs and requirements, through the supply of a IMER Concrete Production Plant model LOGIK WB5/82 MS 1500 - 500 / EDR.

Elements in the production plant

The plant is equipped with a 5-bin in-line aggregate storage system capable of holding up to 124 m3 of aggregates of different sizes. It has 2 silos for storing cementitious materials of approximately 200 tons.

It is integrated with 2 high efficiency planetary mixers for the distribution of concrete to two independent lines through a fully automated overhead trolley system.

Its own modern, robust, dynamic and efficient management system controls the plant's automatic operation, which, together with the use of probes to monitor the moisture in the aggregates and the mixer, and very precise batching systems, guarantee excellent concrete quality.

This plant currently produces more than 20 thousand m3 of concrete per year in precast products, including slabs (joists and vaults), blocks and pavers.

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