IMER Group is an Italian company founded in 1962, a leading European manufacturer of construction machinery and equipment.

For more than 60 years, our mission has been to provide building professionals with products of the highest quality, reducing physical effort and achieving greater performance.



The ready-mix business, because of its convenience, continues to be the main market to exploit in the concrete industry.

Because of this, the IMER group through its subsidiary ORU (IMER CONCRETE), for more than 60 years in constant evolution, has developed a specific line of products, capable of meeting the most demanding requirements of our customers, being recognized for its high standard of quality and precision.


The ORU JUST is the most simple to install and easy to operate plant ever designed. Formed by a monoblock system that includes the dosing of aggregates, cement and water, once assembled, it can be transported in trucks with standard size platforms, ensuring its rapid mobility.

It is equipped with a state-of-the-art semi-automatic production management system, capable of storing up to 99 formulas. It directs the loading of aggregates through a traffic light when the programmed quantities are reached, while the dosing of water and cement is fully automatic.

Due to its low investment cost, it is the ideal option for the ready-mixer and/or builder who is just starting out in the world of concrete.

This plant represents the evolution of DRY (dosing) systems, as it has all the features required to make it the ideal solution for our customers. Versatility, speed of installation (it is shipped semi-assembled and pre-wired), compact, mobile (it has a homologated rolling axle), high production (up to 120 m3/h), and manufactured with the best quality materials, make it very robust, resistant and durable. 

It has a fully automatic management system, making the man-machine experience one of the most comfortable in the market.

ORU LINK S is a dosing and conveying unit for aggregates, cement and water for fixed DRY installations. Its modular configuration allows it to be combined with ORU CUBE and ORU LOGIK aggregate storage units, making it ideal for high production premixes with sufficient autonomy.

Among its features is its operating system, designed with a very advanced interface that allows managing resources in a very efficient way, as well as being able to connect with different administrative systems of the client.



ORU DNK plants combine the effort, experience and innovation in design that has characterized us for years. They are central mixing plants, manufactured with the objective of producing the best concrete on the market thanks to our line of planetary mixers and twin shaft mixers that guarantee the quality of the product obtained.

They have an intuitive, innovative operating system, with a user-friendly interface, allowing to achieve great results in the short term.

It has a wide production range that goes from 80 to 130 m3/h, thus being able to cover medium and large projects.


When it comes to on-site concrete production, our pioneering BTK radius scraper plants are ideal because of their versatility, ease of operation and maintenance, making them suitable for small and medium-sized construction sites due to their continuous and completely autonomous operation, thus saving the dependence on and use of front loaders and mixer trucks.

For these reasons, it makes them one of the most sought-after options for our customers.

BTK concrete production plants represent a different way of making concrete.

With its aggregate loading system through scraper arms, which automatically move through the respective pile of aggregates, thus saving the use of a dedicated front loader, being an ideal solution to reduce costs, in addition to its ecological contribution as it reduces CO2 emissions by not needing this loading equipment.

It has a horizontal mixing drum that ensures a high quality concrete, allowing a controlled discharge into the bucket that is transported by a tower crane to the pouring site, or by a pumping machine, thus avoiding the use of concrete trucks for mixing and transportation.


The precast industry is constantly growing and has evolved to become the main solution for large-scale projects and works in the construction sector.

IMER Group does not lag behind and has for you a wide range of solutions, adapting to your needs and requirements, making us specialists and one of the main suppliers of this equipment worldwide.

As we already know, concrete mixing is the most important phase of the production process; in fact, the quality of the concrete and its cost depend largely on the quality of the mix.

For this reason, IMER Group has invested time and effort in meticulous and systematic analysis and research on the subject, and based on the vast experience acquired during years of designing and producing the best mixers in the market, has allowed us to continuously update our equipment to guarantee the user the production of the best concrete they can have. 

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Versatility and innovation characterize our projects for the construction industry. Our equipment is designed to be customized and easily integrated into the most demanding situations.

We are proud of our expertise in the area of concrete distribution, both for the precast and in-situ concrete sectors, as a complement to our integrated solutions as well as for existing projects.

The ORU FLY is a system of hanging cars that travel on elevated rails, allowing the concrete produced to be moved to the pouring area on the precast molds.

They are special solutions for projects mainly under roof or in the open air that allow the transport of concrete in a very fast and efficient way, integrating to the automatic process of the concrete batching plant.

The speedcast is a concrete transport vehicle, operated by an operator who controls the movement and unloading from a cabin on board the machine.

It is the ideal solution for the massive transport of concrete in projects mainly in open air or under roof. It consists of a concrete receiving hopper and an auger for discharge that can be inclined at different angles depending on the pouring height.

The engines are diesel homologated, and it has a speed control system to avoid accidents.

The Booster concrete pump in its 3 versions; 15/45/50 m3/h, has among its main features, an excellent efficiency thanks to the high reliability of its pumping unit, which has been designed based on our proven experience in the concrete world. 

Very easy to operate and maintain, making it extremely efficient and low cost, making it the best choice for your construction project.


Our mixer trucks used for the transport and placement of concrete are capable of preserving the properties of the concrete during the transfer phase from the concrete batching plant to the construction site. They are the result of our "Know-How" consolidated by more than four decades of operation in markets around the world.

Our skills in equipping vehicles of all makes enable optimum performance levels to be achieved while ensuring safety on the road and in the workplace.

Thanks to the use of special wear-resistant steels, our mixers are lightweight, which is a considerable improvement due to the strict weight regulations in many countries.

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